Our History

Club Badge
The emblem of Crynant Rugby Club includes a picture of a white horse which is believed to relate to the mountain of March Hywel that overlooks the village. The horse is Hywel's 'Mount' which is linked back to an ancient battle that took place on the mountain between local tribes.

The badge contains a picture of a 'star' that represents the original clubhouse of Crynant RFC, The Star Hotel. On the opposite side is a 'triden't with a 'black circle' above it.  The 'black circle' represents coal and the 'trident' represents the 3 collieries within the village - Treforgan, Blaenant and Cefn Coed.

The 'wavey lines' linking the 'star' and the 'trident' is the Crynant River that divides the village and the 'red' background is the blood that would run down this river from the abattoir.