02 December 2016 / Club News

Getting to know CC4L

Up next in Getting to know CC4L is Sam Kedward

Name- Sam David Kedward
Age- 20 
Nickname- Kedward
Clubs- Crynant juniors, Bryncoch, Tonna, Dulais valley youth and back to Crynant 
Relationship Status- single as a Pringle 
Occupation- Full time legend
Guilty pleasure? Ps4 
Favourite meal? steak and chips 
Favourite rugby player? Jonny wilkinson 
Last person you text? Sadler
Last 3 sites on browsing history?  All sports Wales, bbc sport, how to get rich quick 

Best & worst looking? Best Gabby, worst Martin blokes got tits 
Best & worst dressed? Best is Salmon, worst Peter Scott Hicks 
Most & least intelligent? Most is Quaver- bloke knows all the square routes, least only one winner there is Ewan 
Hardest & softest? Hardest is Steff Griff the boy can't get soft, softest Jacob always injured 
Best & worst drinker? Best is Peter worst Ceri 
Best & worst trainer? Best is Mathew worst Salmon, he'd rather be watching eggheads 
Biggest moaner? Ruan
Biggest hitter? Grant Milne 
Last person to buy a round? Gilroy  
Longest in the shower? David anaconda man Islwyn

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