14 October 2016 / Club News

Getting to Know CC4L

This week on Getting to know CC4L' is the only man with a dodgier haircut than Donald Trump, Crynant no.10, Chris Taylor!

Name- Chris Taylor

Age- 27

Nickname- Quaver, Jesus, Shaggy (will answer to anything really)

Relationship status- Engaged

Occupation- Still going to school

Guilty pleasure? Dressing up as a clown

Favourite meal? Tandoori chicken Masala, pilau rice, pashwari naan, onion bhaji and poppadoms (so basically the full works!)

Favourite rugby player? Dan Carter, Jonah Lomu, Jonny Wilkinson

Last person you text? Fiance

Last three sites on browsing history? Rugby for Dummies, Kicking for Dummies and can't remember the third as my history was cleared

Best and worst looking? Ieuan and Marchant

Best and worst dressed? Dave and Pete (loves a baggy suit- makes Borat look fashionable)

Most and least intelligent? Aled and Ewan (they're supposed to be brothers but I suspect the milkman paid a visit)

Hardest and softest? Ewan and Chris Pugh (who's out for 7 weeks with a bruised calf!)

Best and worst drinker? Ceri, Moses (one person who's actually worse than me)

Best and worst trainer? Moses, Gary (I don't think I've seen him run unless he's on the wing!)

Biggest moaner? Brew loves it!

Biggest hitter? Shaun

Last person to buy a round? Marchant as he can't actually fit any money into his skin tight trousers

Longest in the shower? Dai, as Marchant stands there ogling him


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