01 November 2016 / Club News

Getting to know CC4L

This week in Getting to know CC4L is Llanelli big shot Josh Cuggy

Age: 23

Nickname: Cuggy, Burgess, whatever the boys choose to shout at me really

Clubs: Birchgrove, Crynant

Relationship status: Haha, can't say!

Occupation: Council worker

Guilty pleasure? Cheeky kebab and a cardio session (but not together)

Favourite meal? Fish and a rice cake

Favourite rugby player? Bakkies Botha

Last person you text? The old man Cuggs

Last three sites on browsing? Facebook, Halifax, an offer!

Best and worst looking? Gabby and worst is Aled- the man is a gorilla from the neck down!

Best and worst dressed? Kedward (shit hot blazer game) and Marchant (Batman pants up Phil Hopkins' pool)

Most and least intelligent? Walpole. Least has to be Dyfan

Hardest and softest? Shaun. Ben has been unlucky with injuries

Best and worst drinker? Ceri is the best. Steff Griff is shit swig

Best and worst trainer? Gary, worst is probably Jacob

Biggest moaner? Martin

Biggest hitter? Ewan the Hospitaliser Hopkins

Last person to buy a round? Big Papa G 

Longest in the shower? Me and Marchant...we do some disgusting things in there

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