21 October 2016 / Club News

Geeting to know CC4L

This week in 'Getting to know CC4L' is Ceri George

Name- Ceri William George

Age- 28

Nickname- Ceri calves, missing link, legend, drinking machine

Former clubs- Resolven, Neath district, Boys club Wales, Crynant

Relationship status- single

Occupation- Mechanical engineer

Guilty pleasure? Scaring people

Favourite meal? Anything with meat

Favourite rugby player? Shane Williams, George North

Last person you text? Boss from work

Last three sites on browsing history? How to live in the wild? How to get rid of a body? Nearest B&Q

Best/worst looking? Sadler cos he's young and Martin the least

Best/worst dressed? Peter 'WTF is casual smart?' Hicks and Kedward worst in skinny jeans

Most/least intelligent? Dave Salmon- bloke is an encyclopedia. Ewan- he can't even say the boys' names right!

Hardest/softest player? Gary as he's always in a fight or just talking about fighting. Simon Moses as I've never seen him get mad about anything

Best/worst drinker? Ruan- the only bloke to drink the same volume of vodka as me! Quaver- two sips of beer and he spews!

Best/worst trainer? Gabby- the bloke is still going at it fair play! Jacob is never there

Biggest moaner? Cuggy had the biggest tantrum I've ever seen

Biggest hitter? Ewan after saturday's game

Last person to buy a round? Gilroy always says he'll get the next one but never does!

Longest in the shower? Tom Hopkins

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