11 November 2016 / Club News

Getting to know CC4L

This week on 'Getting to know CC4L' is Martin Evans

Age- 31

Nickname- no one knows

Previous clubs- Hereford RFC, AAC Regimental Team, CRFC

Relationship status- Married

Occupation- Currently assessing my options!

Guilty pleasure? WWE

Favourite meal? Lobster and Quail eggs with a side of Caviar, washed down with a lovely glass of Cristal!

Favourite rugby player? Jonah Lomu all day long

Last person you text? The wife of course!

Last three sites on browsing? JobCentre plus, Indeed Jobs, Total Jobs

Best/ worst looking? Dyfan. Quaver!

Best/ worst dressed? Lloyd. Worst is Pete- that suit was awful!

Most/ least intelligent? Aled but the least is Ceri

Hardest/ softest player? Shaun. Gary- carrying an 'injury' as always 

Best/ worst drinker? Ceri, worst is Quaver

Best/ worst trainer? Ieuan. Worst is Ceri- 'no extras!'

Biggest moaner? Marchie never stops

Biggest hitter? Ewan the Concusser

Last to buy a round? Gilroy

Longest in the shower? Dai 'Anaconda' Islwyn

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